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ZigZagZuid 2017

In this edition the festival focuses on Zuidplein: a unique cityscape on the Southbank of the Meuse, that knows no equals in Rotterdam and surroundings. From the start Zuidplein was meant to be a progressive and future oriented project. At the moment the area finds itself on the brink of a large transformation into a contemporary ‘Hart van Zuid’ (heart of the south).

Zuidplein is a true example of a hub. Cars, bikes, metros, buses, commuters, shoppers and cultures come and go here on a daily basis. In the area you’ll find a typical form of catering, shops, garages, a theatre and a swimming pool, but also a neighbourhood in which the inhabitants are living relatively isolated. During the three festival days ZigZagCity will turn this remarkable neighbourhood inside out with tours, films, exhibitions and performances.

During ZigZagZuid an art-installation will be situated between the fly-over: a pavilion created by Team Skywalkers especially for the festival. Here you can visit Panorama Zuidplein, a large collage of historical pictures, newspaper articles and drawings about the origins of the area. Within the pavilion you can also enjoy a more personal view on Zuidplein with a film by Marcel IJzerman. The film project is on view non-stop during the weekend and shows the daily dynamics of the mall, the theatre, the tube station and the swimming pool around current Zuidplein. The cherry on the cake is the wonderful and unique view that the art-installation provides over the surroundings.

In the heart of the pavilion you’ll find ZigZagTravel, the festival’s information point and travel agency. Join us for a journey of Zuidplein. Follow the route that runs crisscross through the area and its buildings. A guide will tell you everything about the impressive views and takes you to the most hidden gems. You’ll get to know everything about the architecture of Zuidplein, the residents, the entrepreneurs and its visitors. There are expeditions for each type of traveler, always with unexpected meetings and stimulating interventions.

During the festival there is much more... For the little ones there are workshops, for the early birds there is a breakfast in the mall and water lovers can watch a movie in the pool.

ZigZagZuid. a journey of new perspectives!




ZigZagCity 2016

In this edition the festival focuses on the Hoogkwartier, an area that was rebuilt after the Rotterdam blitz and which architecture is unique in the Netherlands. It is a neighbourhood full of busy cafés, shops, garages, tennis courts, an art institution, a hotel and an auction house, but also an area with quiet service roads and back streets. During the ten festival days ZigZagCity will turn this remarkable neighbourhood inside out. Follow the route that runs crisscross through the city. Along the way architects and artists will surprise you with their installations. They’ll make sure you’ll get to see the area from a whole new point of view.




ZigZagCity 2014

The second edition of the Architecture Festival ZigZagCity took place between May 29 and June 9, 2014. For twelve days long, The Laurenskwartier in the center of Rotterdam was the stage for temporary design, film, dance, fashion, music and tours.

ZigZagCity 2014

ZigZagCity 2012

For two weeks, the Lijnbaan Quarter became a holiday paradise, with the ZigZagTravel agency at its heart. The route of ZigZagCity connected a rich variety of urban areas including squares, alleyways, city parks, archways, streets and courtyards. ZigZagCity invited visitors to enjoy both the beaten track as well as locations off the beaten track that often remain unnoticed. The hidden spots were given ‘new’ meaning for residents as well as visitors using interventions and a programme. The festival focused on the history and the future of the city through stories and journeys. Visual artists, architects and programme makers revealed new opportunities for forgotten areas taking into account the features of these locations.

ZigZagCity 2012