ZigZagCity 2012

20 April - 6 May 2012

For two weeks, the Lijnbaan Quarter became a holiday paradise, with the ZigZagTravel agency at its heart. The route of ZigZagCity connected a rich variety of urban areas including squares, alleyways, city parks, archways, streets and courtyards. ZigZagCity invited visitors to enjoy both the beaten track as well as locations off the beaten track that often remain unnoticed. The hidden spots were given ‘new’ meaning for residents as well as visitors using interventions and a programme. The festival focused on the history and the future of the city through stories and journeys. Visual artists, architects and programme makers revealed new opportunities for forgotten areas taking into account the features of these locations.

Pschorry!– Gyz La Rivière | Hofpoort

Forward to Nature - Rnul Interactive en Thijs van Vuure | Ammanstraat

Levende Vitrine - Rotterdam ArchiGuides | Lijnbaan

Binnenste Buiten - Wim Staessens | Verschillende locaties

Observatorium | Jan Evertsenplaats

Bubble Building - Dus Architecten | Karel Doormanhof

Urban Wasteland Remix - Studio Iris Schutten | Boomgaardhof









Photos: ©Bas Czerwinski, ©Ossip van Duivenbode, ©Hans Vermeulen

Evaluation ZigZagCity 2012 (PDF)