What happened to the Graaf Florisstraat

Charlie Koolhaas

Not in New York

Date: saturday 9 june - sunday 24 june
Time: 11:00 - 18:00


In the book Rotterdam, een drieluik. Impressies van vader en dochter, that artist and writer Charlie Koolhaas made together with her dad, she talks about the dichotomy she sees in the Graaf Florisstraat. One side of the street is characterized by social housing with little windows, from which women are peering down on the activities of the dubious skinny boys on the street. The other side is dominated mostly by young, white, well educated professionals, living in gorgeous houses with high ceilings and original stained glass windows. This contrast is an endless supply of inspiration to Charlie and thus became the subject of the intervention that she created for ZigZagCity in her gallery Not in New York on the corner of the Graaf Florisstraat.