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Vb Self Portrait As Top Talents Delusions Of Grandeur


Date: saturday 9 june - sunday 24 june
Time: 11:00 - 18:00


Artists Alex Jacobs and Ellemieke Schoenmaker bought a few years ago an old workers' home in Sint-Mariastraat. They have designed and built the interior of their house. They started working as if the house was a work of art: 'We have made wash basins with coloured layers of plaster over each other. We scoured these and then you get a magic ball effect. ' From this approach speaks the lightness that is also found in their work, serious subjects are brought playfully in a mix of painting, installations and visual art. The self-mockery is not lacking, the duo itself is regularly part of their work.

In their own home they show an installation during the festival that occupies the entire ground floor. A succession of images, that shows a cross-section of their work, their life and their home.

Photo © Delusions of Grandeur, selfportraits as toptalents