Excursions Interventions Art Frame

Confectiefabriek Gebr. Groosjohan

Date: saturday 9 june - sunday 24 june
Time: 11:00 - 18:00


In Middelland, several factories were built in the early twentieth century. On the 1st Middellandstraat, in 1916 the factory of De Groen & Zonen was build for making hats. Next door appeared in 1919 the garment factory of Gabriëls van Cleeff. Another year later, the Groosjohan brothers opened the garment factory on the Aleidisstraat. Textiles were still produced in the middle of the city. At the Middellandstraat there are now various companies, a supermarket and the Wijkpaleis situated in these former factories. This garment factory will be converted into a residential building with 25 loft apartments, designed by Mei architects. The façade will be restored to its former glory, including the brick roof, original window layout and stately entrance.

For ZigZagCity, Joshua Thies created a sound artwork inspired by the history of the building. The empty building is filled with contemporary sounds that bring the factory back to life. Put your ear to the window and listen to the sounds.