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03 Zig Zag City 2016 © Ossip

You can walk the ZigZagCity path in many ways, but surely the best option is to explore the Hoogkwartier together with others.

There are two different packages:

- The light programme, including a tour of the Industriegebouw and a map of the Hoogkwartier. € 3,-

- The best-deal, including a tour of the Industriegebouw, a drink at Café Cultura and the option to upgrade your deal with a visit of the Hampshire Hotel. € 6,- (or € 7,- with an upgrade)

Tickets for light programme and best-deal can be purchased at ZigZagTravel.

The times of specific excursions, performances and shows can be found under the individual events in the online programme or at ZigZagTravel.